How to Get Code.

Simply click icon in the right of title. In the window popup, copy code in the box and paste it to your site/blogger as a new page.

How to Get Code


How to put code in Blogger Blogspot :

Go to your dashboard, create a new page and give the title (eg 'Quran'). Put code to your pages as html format editor then publish it and you've done!

A simple tips for Blogger - How to make it fit in your page

Demo :

Go to Edit HTML template, find code </head>
paste code below before code </head>. save your template.

<b:if cond='data:blog.url == &quot;;'>
.sidebar{display: none !important;}
#comments{display: none !important;}
#main-wpr, .post {width: 900px;}
#blog-pager{display: none !important;}

Replacing the RED text to your URL page that you have been created before.
Change the width to fit with your template.

Code explanation :

.sidebar{display: none !important;} = to hide your sidebar
#comments{display: none !important;} = to hide your comment form.
#main-wpr, .post {width: 900px;} = your new custom wrapper.
#blog-pager{display: none !important;} = to hide your blog pager (eg. home, next/previous page).


How to Download Mp3. 

If you want to download Quran Mp3 to your device, there is easy way to fast download.  Hover the link of surah, click mouse right, "Save Link As...". Click an Image to enlarge.

How to Download Mp3

Ready to setup ? Grab Code here

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